1) Sign+
Winschoterkade 10

2) Het resort
Meeuwerderweg 58

Westerhavenstraat 14a


SPREAD is a festival focusing on self published art and prints, including a library, a zinemarket, workshops, lectures, petanque and network moments in a splendid setting!

SIGN (www.sign2.nl) +
HET RESORT (www.hetresort.nl) + ARTisBOOK (www.artisbook.nl)



Het resort
Ellen de Haan

Marie-Jeanne Ameln
Ron Ritzerfeld

Floor van Meeuwen
Mina Rassouli // Anastasia Krylova // Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez // Najiba Yasmin // Atelier Cambré // Stichting de Algehele Aanraking // Stencilwerck // Jessie Tam // Camilo Garcia Aycardi & Avital Barkai // Studio Machii // Homezeen // Kamile Cesnaviciute // Hansje Struijk // Loïs Dalou // Uitgeverij de Zwanenhals // Vrijplaats voor Verbeelding // Volkssnakkel // Ingrid Zijlema // Knetterijs // Onomatopee // Mara Piccione // Marina Sulima // Nikki Roosma // Istvan Hutter // Herman Knottnerus // Fynn van der Ziel // Amphibia // Ad Nauseam Press // Moree wu // Hocus Bogus Publishing // PUNTA LARA ediciones
SPREAD Zinefest, a collaboration between art stages SIGN and Het resort and Floor van Meeuwen, arose from a shared interest in DIY making culture and the need for unruly initiatives.

It is a recurring festival that focuses on self-published art; booklets, zines and prints.
SPREAD 2021 takes place at 3 nearby locations in the city of Groningen and in the public space.
In 10 days, the creation, distribution and communicative importance of self-published art is brought to the attention. This through. a meaning market, meaning library, workshops, lectures, events, interventions, distribution activities, incl. digital pendants.
SPREAD examines the content, form and distribution of zines and allows makers from the Netherlands and peripheral areas and communities from abroad to come together, creating connections, experiment, get inspiration and new ideas and works.
SPREAD focuses on zines as a form of communication, on national and international zine networks and compares each other's expressions and products, including circumstances.

Zines let the "voice" be heard, from an artistic perspective, as an individual, small group or initiative. That can be a committed voice, a critical, activist or unruly. It is an alternative and free form of expression. That is why we also look this year for areas or "communities", peripheries such as the Basque Country, Hong Kong or feminist groups in which inequality, censor chip or oppression by governments limit the possibilities to express yourself.
How do people solve this in different parts of the world, think of less democratic places? How do they do that, how does it manifest, how do they spread this? Both here and elsewhere?
Above will be reflected in SPREAD zinefest.
We want to pay attention to zines and derivatives as a specific form of communication, "low key" to let the idiosyncratic, committed, critical, unruly "voice" be heard and seen: as a visual alternative, free, more individual form of expression. This applies to both national and international expressions from eg peripheries, isolated communities, trouble spots versus freer places and all the nuances in between.

The aim is forms of new works, new ideas and actions, also with regard to new dissemination methods. Meeting, exchange and knowledge transfer are important; groups, organizers, makers / artists, individuals are brought together so that interested parties discover a mix of zines of all kinds of communities, areas with different perspectives and conditions. Exchange of knowledge and experience and networking of international, Dutch and regional makers and interested parties is on the agenda. How do you make your voice heard under varying circumstances? Design, program components are aimed at the communicative concept.